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The Willpower Network

This page is the heart of the network as it's where you can find a list of all the sites I've made and currently maintain. As I mentioned previously, I don't have a lot of sites completed yet, but I'm hoping to fill this page up in the next comings months (or years). The following sites are the ones that are currently up and running. The subject for each site will vary, but most will revolve around anime, manga, video games or other such related topics.

Everbloom @

Online Since: September 20th, 2016
Type of site: Fanlisting Collective
Status: In-Progress
Everbloom is the dedicated space for my small collection of fanlistings. I've been in and out of the web-game over the years, but I've kept up with fanlistings throughout. My collection is much smaller than it used to be, as I'm trying to only apply for subjects I absolutely love. Considering how many things catch my interest, it's probably just a matter of time before my list expands, but I'm doing my best to make each one more personal than before. All of the fanlistings are approved by either The Fanlistings or The Anime Fanlistings networks, and are updated individually at least once a month.